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Welcome to our branch of HollisWealth Advisory Services Inc.

Welcome to our branch of HollisWealth Advisory Services Inc. David McGruer and a small group of dedicated professionals help people in the Ottawa region implement comprehensive financial strategies to reach their goals in life. Complete financial planning includes cash flow, investments, tax planning, asset positioning, insurance, estate and education planning and most important, advice from an expert..

Investor Behaviour

They think… I know

In my experience, my business philosophy is different from many financial advisors.  Imagine you are meeting an advisor for an initial interview. The discussion likely centers on what you think you want. You might do a questionnaire... 

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Why does pessimism sound so smart?

I came across this terrific article that talks about several reasons why the press, politicians and most everyone else tends to treat optimists like reckless cheerleaders and pessimists as intellectually captivating.  In Matt... 

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What do you think is happening?

For an audio version of this posting, please just click below to play it. . After four years without a market correction of... 

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